Educational Services

Child learning with an adult: ‘r kids Family Center offers a number of educational services to support children and their families.Educational Services

‘r kids Family Center offers a number of educational services to support children and their families to include:

– Parenting Support and Education Groups
– Foster Parent Training
– Foster Youth Groups
– Homework Club Groups
– Onsite CT Association of Foster and Adoptive Parents (CAFAP)

Parenting Support and Education Groups

Parenting education and support groups for both fathers and mothers occur on separate days and with separate staff facilitators. The groups require an assessment interview and participation for 12 weeks to be successful. Topics covered include domestic violence and substance abuse and how they affect children, discipline alternatives, child developmental expectations, and life skills including budgeting, working positively with DCF and how to make the most of every visit with your child.

Our Fathers’ Group members were contracted  by the DCF to help train their new social workers in working with Fathers. We use the TIPS model, Circle of Security and feedback surveys.

Foster Parent Training

Being a foster parent can present unique challenges. Training foster families on topics on topics such as behavior management, sibling issues, independent living, and more can help with those challenges. ‘r kids Family Center provides education and training for families on a pre or post foster care situation.

Foster Youth Group

The 12 week foster youth group entitled Project You was a school site-based program focusing on being a ‘foster’ kid, communication skills, and social skills aimed at developing self-esteem (ages 8–11).

Homework Club Groups

We provide after school homework club groups (ages 11–14) to both foster and adoptive children on site at ‘r kids and primarily focused on social, emotional, and skill development.

Onsite CT Association of Foster and Adoptive Parents (CAFAP)

The Connecticut Association of Foster and Adoptive Parents makes a difference in the lives of foster, adoptive and relative caregivers by providing support, training, and advocacy through its partnership with child welfare professionals and the entire community to nurture child safety, well being, and stability. ‘r kids Family Center provides onsite services.