Having my children removed from my care temporarily, was the most frightening experience of my life. Ive heard the saying “blessing in disguise” before, but never truly experienced it quite like this.While it was a dificult situation, it is what brought ‘r kids Family Center into the lives of my family and I. And, we are blessed to have had their services in our home! To this very day, we still use advice, resources and information provided by our ‘r kids worker and the ‘r kids orginization. It is my hope that they will continue to be around for many, many more years to help the countless amounts of families that will also gain such a wonderful experience as we did.

Cece F., Client Served,

‘r kids has vast knowledge and appreciation of diverse cultures. This is very important in dealing with people from various cultures and races. It feels good to be understood and your belief system appreciated and respected. My family was treated with courtesy and professionalism. My case worker, Anne, was very helpful with the adoption of my daughter. Overall my experience with ‘k kids has been a very pleasant one. I will recommend ‘r kids to any and everybody!

- Chizo, Client Served,

I am so very grateful to the people of ‘r kids. I adopted my beautiful son through this organization. Everyone there was so extremely helpful throughout the entire adoption process which has been, by far, the most incredible and beautiful experience of my life. The workers at ‘r kids were always very kind and warm. They work hard, are very compassionate and clearly care so much about helping others. I give my eternal thanks to the people of ‘r kids.

- Hilary F., Client Served,

I give ‘r kids five stars for their excellent work with families in need whether it may be adoption or reunification. The ‘r kids team has great pride in helping families in need. You guys are the best!!

Adria M., Client Served,